LACOLLECTION DE CLAUDE est un site dédié à la gloire de la femme dans tous ses états et au glamour universel voire éternel. Cette collection est le fruit de trente ans de passion autour de la planète femme et bien évidemment autour de la planète terre de San Francisco, à Paris et Amsterdam.

Vous y trouverez des images fétichics, sensuelles,  des photos originales, des lithos et une quantité inestimable de magazines et bien d’autres objets du désir.

En un CLIC avant de nous quitter nos FROLICS sélectionnés sur Youtube devraient vous ravir, Bonne lecture.

Novembre 2015

Ce site n’est pas recommandé aux visiteurs de moins de 18 ans.

LACOLLECTION DE CLAUDE,  is a dedicated opus to the glory of women.  Throughout the past 50 years or so. In summary, this collection goes like : original  photographs, collectible magazines from  PLAYBOY to PENTHOUSE and many other  glamourous issues of VOGUE, PHOTO,  LUI, ELLE and many more, also  available on sale.

PIN UPS are as well available.  Such as original photographs, lithos from ALBERTO VARGAS and a large choice of images from the LONDON CAMERA STUDIES CLUB  (estimated 1945).

Framed advertising from the 50`s with thema:  perfumes, vintage lingerie by GRUAU and many more various women outfits from that period.

LA COLLECTION DE CLAUDE also offers on sale a lot of vintage lingerie (THINGS TO WEAR) You will also find contemporary photographs duly signed or certified with thema :
fashion, fantasy, glamour and fetichic. They all come either black and white or colour (framed).

To conclude let us mention that a lot of collector items from the same inspiration are waiting for your visit in our show room in Nyon.

We wish you the best and we appreciate you have a look at this website and don`t forget our complimentary video gallery before clicking out. (FROLICS)

Note that visitors below 18 years old are not welcomed.